Single Family-Homes, Townhomes & Condominiums

Experience, and reliability make Vernon Development group the custom builder of choice.

For years, Vernon Development has been partnering with some of the best clients and helping them imagine and complete their dream homes. Whether they are new homeowners or those looking to settle in their retirement home, we have been honored to be a part of their journey. Working in multiple high-rises throughout the Chicagoland area requires precise organization, professionalism and an understanding of the building’s intricacies. With our team on the jobsite, in concert with our design team and project management team, we have proven our proficiencies and proudly taken on multiple projects within one building. Single-family home remodeling also comes with its complexities. Fortunately for you, our team coaches our clients on the process and procedures.

We guide them through the development and inform them on how schedules can be adjusted after discovering surprises and unaccounted for scenarios. Overall, our knowledge of options stemming from years in business has allowed all of our homeowners to sleep well at night, knowing that we are taking care of their home and moving quickly to get them moved in and loving their new space.

Engaging and inspiring living experiences

As a boutique luxury real estate development company, Vernon Development creates engaging and inspiring living experiences. Grounded in strategic thinking and creative execution, Vernon's multi-faceted projects have garnered many accolades. With placemaking at the core of each development, Vernon provides new opportunities for community engagement and integration within each location.