Land Development

Assistance in land assemblage and acquisition, design concept, governmental approvals, and ultimately provide detailed site plans for their projects.

Site development and planning

Vernon Development provides site development and planning for both small and large land development projects. Below are a few services that we may provide assistance in:

  • Due Diligence & feasibility studies
  • Platting
  • Land assemblage and acquisition
  • Drainage studies and grading design
  • Concept design and engineering for all types of development projects
  • Coordination with the installation of utilities and service providers
  • Permit & approval process assistance
  • Storm Water Design (pipes, channels, detention)
  • Street and infrastructure design

VERNON DEVELOPMENT was established in 1990 as a full service real estate development and land planning company. Our success is the result of innovative thinking enhanced by continued education and dedicated research which enables our staff to better envision not only places of beauty, but places of future development, environmental responsibility, social equity and economic viability. Our team will provide assistance in land assemblage and acquisition, design concept, governmental approvals, and ultimately provide detailed site plans for their projects. Whether your requirement is an individual lot or 250+ acre development, Vernon Development has the expertise to help maximize the use of the land and fully realize its investment potential.

In developing a plan for your site, we consider all aspects of the property including topography, existing flood plains and wetlands, surrounding property, governmental requirements and restrictions, and current market trends and expectations. We provide exceptional insight and direction on efficient engineering and design of the necessary infrastructure. We can also provide for the design and installation of streets and parking lot lighting requirements including developing the required photometric plan. Our in house electrical team will provide you with the most efficient and economical plan for your project as well as coordinating for the installation of utilities with service providers. Teamed with a select group of engineers, landscape architects, environmental specialists and highly trained sub contractors, we can bring your land development to its full potential. Having over 18 years of experience in the areas of industrial, retail, office, residential, institutional and private development, our team can and will maximize your investment.

Vernon Development has significant financial relationships that often may be able to provide capital for development projects. Very large projects may be funded through the issuance of initial public offerings and the establishment of Limited Liability Companies.

By working closely with the community, land owners, and brokers Vernon Development has been able to establish long-term, quality relationships. Being driven by “old fashioned” business morals we have found many of our clients to value our individual attention and care to each of their needs. Finding challenging opportunities to enhance our development potential, our firm views unique and unconventional projects optimistically. Vernon Development has been successful in the acquisition of land for independent development. Such projects include:

  • Vernon Office and Technology Center
  • Tinley Corporate Center
  • Hickory Creek Corporate Center
  • I-355 and Rte 6 Development (Proposed)
  • 191st St. and 80th Ave. Development (Proposed)

Vernon Development specializes in the re-development of various sites in order to maximize their values in a way that embraces history, complements the surrounding community and sustains itself through green technology. Making way for new development opportunities by cleaning up abandoned, unused, or hazardous sites greatly improves the overall site use and investment potential. Vernon Development has experience in the re-development of such sites and is on the forefront of re-design, re-engineering, and replenishment of valuable land for various applications of usage.

Imaginative land concepts and involvement

Site analysis, planning, and utilization assure the success of every project